Weekend Retreat

Our semi-annual spring retreat will take place at Higher Ground, in Bend, Oregon, from the evening of April 13 through April 14.  This is an interfaith retreat, co-sponsored by Bend Zen, Open Sky Hermitage and HIgher Ground, and led by Leonard Marcel of Seven Thunders, Portland.  This silent retreat consists of sitting meditation, walking meditation, two talks (one inspired by the Eastern, the other by the Western traditions), interviews with the teacher, a short work period and a potluck lunch. 

The recommended donation is $50; some scholarships are available.  At present it's sold out, but there is a waiting list; if interested, contact Denise, dsfainberg@yahoo.com.


February Half-day of Meditation

This month's afternoon of mindfulness will take place on Feb. 25, 1-4:30 PM, at St. Helens Hall, part of Trinity Episcopal Church, 231 NW Idaho, Bend.  Our entrance is on Broadway; signs will be outside to guide you.

As usual, this is a free event; come for all or part.  There are six 25-minute silent sitting periods, broken by 8 minutes of walking meditation, with a refreshment break in midafternoon.  Finger foods are welcome.

For more information, contact Denise, dsfainberg@yahoo.com.

Half-day of silence

November 26, Sunday, is the date of this month's half-day sit. 

Time: 1-4:30 PM

Place:  St. Helens Hall, Trinity Episcopal Church, 2331 NW Idaho, Bend (entrance from Broadway).

Contact Denise at dsfainberg@yahoo.com for more information.

Half-day Sit

Our half day of silent meditation/contemplation is coming up Sunday, October 22, 1-4:30 PM.

Location:  St Helens Hall, Trinity Episcopal Church, 231 NW Idaho, Bend, OR (entrance on Broadway).

As always this is a free, interfaith event; stay for all or part.




Leonard Marcel Roshi will be coming to Bend again to lead our semi-annual weekend retreat.  This will take place Oct. 6, 7-9 PM, and Oct. 7, 8-4:30 PM.  This is an interfaith event with a Zen format but incorporating insights from both East and West.  It is entirely silent except for chants and interviews with Leonard.

Friday evening consists of an introduction and an hour and a half of sitting.  Saturday there are two talks by Leonard, morning and afternoon; interviews with Leonard, morning and afternoon; a short work period; a potluck vegetarian lunch; and about six hours of sitting meditation.

This is an opportunity for longer meditation and for teachings.  Suggested donation is $50.  If interested, contact Denise asap, as space is limited; dsfainberg@yahoo.com.



January half-day sit

Come for an afternoon of silent sitting--Sunday, January 22, 1-4:30 PM.  As always, this is a free, interfaith event; come for all or part. 

Place:  St. Helens Hall of Trinity Episcopal Church, 231 Idaho St., Bend, OR (entrance on Broadway).  


Fall Retreat

It was an unusually (for Bend) rainy fall weekend, when 15 practitioners plus a seeing-eye dog sat for a silent retreat with Leonard Marcel Roshi.  The hours of sitting, two talks by Leonard--one from the Western and one from the Eastern traditions--together with interviews and a shared lunch made for a deeply nourishing time.  Thanks to all--including Higher Ground, which provided the space.